Thursday, January 24, 2013

Play Scapes and Small Worlds

Play Scapes or small worlds!

We create small worlds where children explore these worlds though play, exploring texture and smell as well as using manipulative's to encourage imaginative and dramatic play.

A home corner experience with real herbs with a mortar and pestle

A zoo with  representational containers and cages.

providing dress ups added to the play!

We also provide small worlds in our outdoor learning environment. Check out our outdoor spaces post coming soon!

Intimate Spaces

We create intimate spaces for children and adults to share and explore. There are spaces that are specifically designed for two, spaces for a small group, and spaces for one child to rest, relax and observe.

We are hoping to provide learning experiences where children can access them at their own time and pace, learning is not confined to table top experiences. We hope to one day have a loft space!


Our space

We are trying to create spaces that blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Light, reflection, natural materials and self-directed learning underpins how we plan our environment.
A string of lights divided our main block area from our little forest woodland play area.

Leaving spaces open, we found allowed children to create their own spaces to play and explore.

Sheer fabrics with pockets allows us to change the display and create a softness to our space.

Light and shadow inspired by our Patch Theatre excursion.

 Play spaces with real mud and grass.