Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rainy Days at the Nest




 With the wet weather here, its the perfect opportunity to go outside! With a raincoat and gum boots, we still happily explore the yard and all the things it has to offer.

From catching raindrops on our tongues, to jumping in muddy wet puddles, to sloshing in the mud, to feeling wet surfaces, experiencing the rain drops fall on our fingers and seeing how much we can collect in containers and recycle!

Lets bring our wet weather gear and play in the rain!

The possibilities are endless!  

"Here, it's dripping down, how can we get it?"


"Look, I can catch it in the shovel!"

"Or in the bucket too, let's see if it goes to the top!"

"Lets put some here, it's coming down the fence!"

"I can hold it like this"


"I wonder which one will fill up quicker"

"Hmm, which one will fill up faster..."

"Umm, we might need more buckets!"

"Wow, this is getting more fun"

"It's much muddier now!"

"It's getting deeper!"

"Can you feel it?, I can!"

"I'm catching it on my tongue for a drink"

Conversations in the rain...


The trees look and feel different when they're wet...

and if we shake it we can make it rain really hard

We talked about all the water we collected that day & how we could reuse it:

"Put it in the sink in the mud kitchen"

"Fill up the water trough"

"Use it in the creek"

More rainy day adventures to come! 

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