Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Natural Play Materials.


    A Natural Outdoor Physical Environment

We're encouraging a natural look and feel to our outdoor environment by providing lots of wood, earthy colours and natural materials wherever possible. 

                    We use our crates with wooden planks and old palettes as garden stands.     
     We use wooden off cuts, logs, rope and material to set up this open ended play experience. 
                                    The see-saw we created from a log, a plank and some hay. 

                            Our music wall with bamboo, wood, and chimes to create soft wooden sounds. 

Our beautiful tree house - it's growing!  

Monday, October 21, 2013

Flower Shop!

Flowers for sale!
 We set up a flower shop. We used our existing hay bales to poke the flowers in . Luckily we found a box of flowers in hard rubbish as so we had a whole lot of flowers to use . Some were large arrangements other just single stems. 
We had so much fun sorting the flowers by colour. Apparently the red ones are expensive.
There was a whole  new inventive system of pricing.

 Trays of sand also helped us arrange the flowers for sale .

Baskets and bags were needed to purchase the flowers.

Looking at a magazine with flowers arranged beautifully might lead us into providing a flower arranging experience for our children.

 And of course we needed a sign! we also found that taking the heads of the plastic flowers encouraged children to make their own arrangements by choosing what flowers they could poke onto the stems.

Happy Shopping!

Potions and More!

Potions! Potions!Potions

 We set up a potions table and it's a pity we didn't take a picture but there was so much excitement that THERE WASN'T ANY TIME!  
we had
water , food colouring, glitter, rose petals, flour, oil and lots of pouring containers, we had glass jars (the spice jars work well.). then we stood back and watched.

 We made sure there were lots of little bottles so that everyone could have their own little potion.
We also had labels and encouraged the children to label their potions.

 Yes it's messy just how we like it!

  Our art studio has never been the same again!

 Here are some of their conversations.
"its getting very sticky from the sugar( flour)

"It's icky gooey slimy"

"You need a spoon to mix it , pour it in here. I made brown with lots of colours. I showed E how to make brown.
 I am putting lots of colours to make a black potion."
Stay tuned for more maths and science!
 We are going to try just oil and water.