Monday, February 11, 2013

Outdoor Environments


Why be outside?

To explore the natural environment, to investigate the outside world, to be involved in projects with others, to imagine a place, to feel a space, to create with friends, to be messy, to touch the leaves, to feel the sand, to smell the garden, to hear the water run, to feel and just be in nature. To represent new ideas and thinking in different ways, TO PLAY!

These are just a few of the many reasons to take learning outside & explore with children!


We value the outdoor environment by providing large open spaces for children to run, jump climb and play, we provide moveable materials such as sticks, logs, crates and tyres for children to construct with, and change spaces to support their interests and learning. Smaller areas are created with different sensory textures and surfaces in mind, as well as encouraging individual and small group play, and transition to different spaces in the yard through paths, gardens and walkways.

Textured surfaces create interesting live play scapes for children.


A shaded barrel creates a cosy play space for a small group of children.

The very beginning of our simple mud patch (work in progress).

We began with a muddy patch, added a plank of wood and some pots.


Paths created from pavers and grass  provide different sensory surfaces to walk on and feel the hard and soft textures.


Rocks, plants, bark and log cuts, create interesting surfaces for children to explore and adapt.


The veggie patch we created with the children. The children painted the fence to show what they planted. They all help to look after our gardens with the watering cans provided. We created this simple small garden from an old wooden palette.

More outdoor pics to come soon!

Some cozy outdoor cubbies,  quiet spaces, and  places to explore with friends. These outdoor spaces were created with as much natural material as possible, taking advantage of the already existing trees, fences, gardens, paths and walkways.

We created this 'cubby wall' by tying some wooden planks to an already existing fence. With some old pieces that would have otherwise been scrap, we made a window with curtains and one with a hinged opening. The children love to look through the windows and talk to the children in the other yard.

Bridges, benches, and soft furnishings add to these outdoor spaces, making them comfortable in their natural surrounds.

More Outdoor Pics coming soon!

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