Monday, October 21, 2013

Flower Shop!

Flowers for sale!
 We set up a flower shop. We used our existing hay bales to poke the flowers in . Luckily we found a box of flowers in hard rubbish as so we had a whole lot of flowers to use . Some were large arrangements other just single stems. 
We had so much fun sorting the flowers by colour. Apparently the red ones are expensive.
There was a whole  new inventive system of pricing.

 Trays of sand also helped us arrange the flowers for sale .

Baskets and bags were needed to purchase the flowers.

Looking at a magazine with flowers arranged beautifully might lead us into providing a flower arranging experience for our children.

 And of course we needed a sign! we also found that taking the heads of the plastic flowers encouraged children to make their own arrangements by choosing what flowers they could poke onto the stems.

Happy Shopping!

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