Monday, February 22, 2016

Sensory Play Ideas

Sensory play
 We started with a menu for the ice cream we would like to create!
 Armed with cups , containers and different coloured water( we used food dye) we created a range of ice cream flavours!

We mixed and poured !!!!

We then added coloured sand to the ice cream shop for a different texture to play with!

After lots of experimentation the children started mixing up stinky potions so the ice cream shop became a potions lab!
We placed soda Bi-carb in a tray and vinegar in another and watched  and listened
"it Bubbles"
"Like a Volcano"

The next day we added Radox ( bath Crystals) in the water

 Sparkles and Vinegar
"it smells like chips"

 Adding tubes and funnels to facilitate pouring, mixing and transferring.

 Droppers added to the play provided opportunities for fine motor control!
And of course is blue heavier or is green!
Watch what the potion lab turns into!

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